When it comes to knowing what bad a$$ bikes need, we are the go to company. We remain top dog in google search for best shorty exhaust tip for motorcycle for over 13 years now.

We specialize in making your bike run and perform at its best. The sound we produce out of our pipes is not like anyone or anyone who tries to compete with us.

When it comes to shorty pipes, our competition just can’t hang with us. Frankly, they, well, come up short. They run a cheap small baffle that can’t do the trick when it comes to making real horsepower and/or sound.

Countless hours of testing has been done with our pipes:

*   In-town driving and pulling spark plugs for the perfect color

*   Highway driving at 80mph for 2.5 hours straight across our HOT Florida state, again pulling the plugs to tell us the story of how the bike is performing and running.

*   And the true test of taking off the stock long mid-pipe system and installing our pipes for the 1/4 mile drag race, immediately shutting the bike off going through the finish line to see again at full pull, full throttle what our spark plug color looks like.

As you can see we are the $hit when it comes to making the perfect exhaust tips for your bike.

Sure we have had copycat shorty tip builders purchase our tips to see what’s up, and why is the Big Boyz Exhaust Company so damn good. After they see the complicated baffle system we build inside, they want no part of the complicated and time consuming building it takes to copy us.

Our Piranha tooth baffle system on our other pipes has been tried and true for over 7 years now with an aggressive roar like no other; serious back pressure to assure the bike runs good all the time.

Our pipes do not require a P.C. due to the back pressure we make. If you prefer to run a P.C the bike will, and can, receive more fuel for even better performance.

As you can see we are the $hit when it comes to shorty tips.

Oh, one last thing…Buy with confidence.

As a small token of our appreciation to our US customers, you will receive FREE SHIPPING to a US address.

International orders will need to contact us. Please email at the following address: lmendels@aol.com

For an additional $42.00 International Priority Mail shipping is available.

All Domestic orders will arrive to you within 7-10 business days.

International orders will arrive to you in 10-14 business days.

There are occasions an order runs a little late, however, we GUARANTEE you will received your order…so there’s no need to worry.

And on a side note, if you’re into your body like you are your bike, we have your back, too. Not only do we build bad azz bike exhausts, we build big, bad azz bodies. Our founder is one of the top dieters in the world. Many NPC and IFBB professionals use us for their dieting needs.

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